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Mafia II voice actor spills the beans on possible Mafia project

'Might have some Mafia news very soon!'
Jan 08
Mafia II was released in 2010 to a decent amount of acclaim, and since then fans have been waiting for news of another entry. We may have gotten a hint this week, as a voice actor for the series, Rick Pasqualone, recentl... read

His hair is made of little faces

So wrong, yet so right
Jan 29
Perhaps I get more joy out of bizarre glitches than most. I probably do. But I felt obligated to share what has got to be one of the more entertaining texture mess-ups out there and couldn't turn down the opportunity to writ... read
2K Czech checking out

Mafia developer 2K Czech restructuring, cutting jobs

Jan 10
Mafia developer 2K Czech is seeing restructuring, Eurogamer reports. The main Prague office, where it's assumed Mafia 3 development is housed, is being closed down and its inhabitants moved to an office in Brno. "Additionally... read

Omerta - City of Gangsters is all for prohibition

Aug 21
I'm having Gangsters: Organized Crime flash backs and I'm just going to roll with it. I hadn't realized I possessed a craving for a crime strategy game set during US prohibition, but I most certainly know it now. T... read

Zynga announces Mafia Wars 2

Sep 20
Those masters of the microtransaction over at Zynga have announced the sequel to their popular organized crime game, Mafia Wars. According to this trailer, the appropriately titled Mafia Wars 2 will put you in the role ... read

Mafia II, Borderlands, and other 2K 360 content on sale

May 10
Your Xbox 360 Marketplace deals of the week are all 2K Games-related, with 50% off a bunch of add-on content for its most popular games. Oh, and some Avatar stuff, too. Mafia II - "Joe's Adventure" - 400 MS Points Mafia II -... read

Amazon also has Mafia II and BioShock 2 discounted

Apr 04
As Conrad told us in the early hours of this morning, Amazon is running a deal of the day for the Game of the Year edition of Borderlands. Flash forward to now, and you can see that they're offering sales for BioShock 2 and M... read

Mafia II: Director's Cut coming, according to retailer

Mar 23
A Mafia II: Director's Cut is on its way to retail, according to The online retailer has box art for the game which touts it will include three additional story packs, along with some clothes and car add-ons. It s... read

Destructoid Live: Mafia II

Dec 30
Today on Dtoid Live we make it classy with Mafia II, the most profanity laced videogame ever. Released by 2K Games in August, Mafia II takes the players to the 1940's to relive those crazy times when men wore suits and women ... read

Outfit and car packs released for Mafia II

Sep 29
With little warning, 2K Games has released a slew of downloadable content -- four packs! -- for Mafia II. The first, the "Vegas Pack," will give you two new cars and two new suits. The "War Hero" pack will bring two drivable ... read

'Joe's Adventure' content coming to Mafia II

Sep 16
2K Games will be revisiting the character of Mafia II's Joe Barbaro, with upcoming downloadable content called "Joe's Adventure" for its third-person action title. The content will have players stepping in the shoes of Barbar... read

UNICO touts it ruins Mafia II party, doesn't really

Aug 31
According to a press release issued by Italian American community watchdog UNICO, its public protest of a New York City Mafia II launch party yielded some impressive results. UNICO's Andrew DiMino is quoted as saying that its... read

Mafia II 'Jimmy's Vendetta' coming September 7

Aug 31
Despite UNICO's outrage, 2K Games launched Mafia II last week without a hitch. A week later, it's announcing the release date for the first bit of downloadable content, "Jimmy's Vendetta." Out on September 7, the pack will co... read

It's been nearly eight years since 2K Czech, then known as Digital Illusions, released Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven for PC. It was released at a time when Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto III had turned the industry on its head,... read feature

Mafia II has a new vid and an epic song list

Aug 23
We're coming into the home stretch for Mafia II as the game lands this week, but that doesn't mean we don't have anything new to show off to you. The video above should wet your whistle for the next few days before you pick ... read

Strauss Zelnick, the Chairman of Take-Two, has responded to UNICO's accusations of racism in Mafia II and their demands that the game be blocked from release. Here is his official statement: "Mafia II tells a compelling story... read feature

[Update: Take-Two Chairman Strauss Zelnick has issued an official response.] UNICO National, an Italian American service organization, is looking to put a stop to the release of Take-Two's forthcoming third-person action titl... read feature

See the tools of the trade in Mafia II

Aug 18
We've seen plenty of Mafia II over the past year and it's finally coming out next week. 2K is still pumping out new stuff to show for the game as you can tell by these two new videos here. The videos, along with two addition... read

Mafia II is all up in your Facebook, Pandora playlist

Aug 12
2K Games has discovered social media and wants to make sure you don’t miss the fact that Mafia II is coming out later this month. The publisher has announced not only a Facebook game, “Mafia II Hit List,” bu... read

Mafia II launch party with mobsters, girls, booze

Aug 09
2K Games' drops Mafia II on August 24, and our friends over at Gamertag Radio are throwing parties in New York City and Miami to help celebrate. On August 22, the part kicks off at the Grand Central in Miami, with DJ Sharpsou... read

Exclusive downloadable content seems to be the hot trend right now for Microsoft and Sony. If they can't get an exclusive contract from a third party, then they finagle some exclusive bit of content to make sure their version... read feature

New Mafia II trailer brings the Dean Martin

Aug 03
1950s New York seems like a miserable place to live. Drive-by shootings. Exploding buildings. Crooked cops. Is anyone safe? When it's set to Dean Martin's "Ain't That A Kick In The Head?", though, it seems a bit more palatab... read

2K details forthcoming Mafia II demo

Jul 22
Earlier we reported that the demo for 2K Games' Mafia II would be hitting Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, via an advertisement in a British gaming mag. Now, 2K has confirmed the demo for a PC release, as well as dropping more det... read

From E3 2009, to this past GDC and everything in between -- Destructoid has seen a lot of 2K's Mafia II over the last year. We got to check out the mobster drama once again recently and this latest taste has made up my mind o... read feature

PS3 version of Mafia II getting free content on release

Jul 16
Mafia II isn't even out yet but looks like we're already talking about the game's post-launch downloadable content. Granted, 2K's hand may have been forced as the Trophies for the DLC were revealed early yesterday. So here's ... read

PS3-exclusive Mafia II content is 'Jimmy's Vendetta'

Jul 13
While 2K Games and Sony would only say that Mafia II would be getting exclusive content on the PlayStation 3, a trophy list for extra bits of game have shed some light on what we can expect. Called "Jimmy's Vendetta" the down... read

Mafia II might be in 3D on consoles someday

Jul 05
The much-anticipated Mafia II will finally be making its way to stores in August and will be available in 3D on PCs. Consoles won't be getting that extra "D" however, though 2K says it may yet happen. Speaking to CVG, 2K... read

Mafia 2 no longer features multiple endings

Jun 30
Mafia II was all set to have several ways the story could conclude. In an interview with IncGamers, Senior Producer Denby Grace has confirmed that the game will now have just one ending.  Grace explained that the re... read

Dtoid HQ receives a Mafia II branded briefcase

Jun 27
Destructoid HQ gets plenty of weird, cool and sometimes stupid pieces of swag to promote whatever game that needs promoting. The latest package to be thrown at our door (Goddamn FedEx guy ... ) came from 2K Games and this is... read

E3 10: Mafia II is on the floor, in your homes soon

Jun 16
While Mafia II might be landing in a bit over a month, that doesn't mean they don't want to show it off at E3, and so they have. Above you can check out a solid chunk of Mafia II gameplay. It's looking pretty good as far as ... read

E3 10: Mafia II to have exclusive content on PS3

Jun 15
It's not just Microsoft paying for exclusive content for games. Sony has joined the party as well. Mafia II will feature exclusive content for the PS3 at launch. We're talking maps and weapons and stuff. I wish I could tell you more, but they were totally vague on that. You get more stuff on the PS3 is basically the story here. Rejoice. read

E3 10: Mafia II makes you a made man

Jun 13
Can't quite get enough of sandbox games set during different times in American history? 2K Games has got you covered. If modern day gangsters or cowboys doesn't tickle your fancy then maybe mafia dons and machine guns will. ... read

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