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Crackdown Xbox One

We saw Crackdown for Xbox One earlier this year as a tech demo

At the Microsoft Cloud Presentation
Jun 13
Microsoft unveiled a new Crackdown project this year at E3, but apparently we've already seen the game in action. Back in April, Microsoft held a small conference at San Francisco and showed off its cloud processing technolo... read
New Crackdown

Xbox exec: New Crackdown will be a showcase for evolution of cloud power

Makes sense from a company named Cloudgine
Jun 10
Microsoft's long sang the praises of the power of the cloud, especially with regard to Xbox One. One of the games announced yesterday during the Xbox press conference may be a shining example of what the cloud can do. Today,... read
Crackdown is back, series director and Cloudgine co-founder Dave Jones revealed at Microsoft's E3 presser. A new title in the open world shooter franchise is targeting a 2015 launch on Xbox One. read feature

Xbox One news

White Xbox One coming this year, update coming this March

A huge flood of Xbox One leaks slowly being corroborated
Jan 30
I don't want an Xbox One, but if I did, I'd want One in white. An anonymous NeoGAF poster let loose a flood of leaks, including word that October would see a white Xbox One bundled with Insomniac's Sunset Overdrive. A 1TB con... read
Crackdown 2

The Crackdown 2 devs are working on a next-gen project

Crackdown 3 perhaps?
Nov 21
The developer of Crackdown 2, Ruffian Games, is evidently working on a "next-gen console project" due in 2014. The news comes by way of the Scottish Games Network, which has a posting for a "large project" in need of two prog... read

Crackdown, Dead Rising 2, and Case Zero free on Xbox Live

Download starting tomorrow
Jul 31
With July nearly over, it's time for the next set of free Xbox Live games to be swapped in. Following Assassin's Creed II, the Games With Gold titles are Crackdown on August 1, and Dead Rising: Case Zero and Dead Rising 2 on ... read

'I don't think Crackdown is dead at all,' says Spencer

Microsoft exec brings hope
Jun 26
Continuing in line with previous comments about open-world franchise Crackdown returning with the right team and time, Microsoft Game Studios VP Phil Spencer has again professed love for the property. "[It's] o... read

Microsoft: Crackdown might return when the time is right

It's still important to Phil Spencer
Jun 18
Microsoft's E3 came and went without any mention of Crackdown, a franchise that many thought might return to help bolster the Xbox One's software lineup. It looks somewhat likely that there may be some hope for future install... read

PSA: Crackdown 2 'Toy Box' content no longer borked

Sep 04
Yesterday we told you that the "Toy Box" downloadable content for Crackdown 2 was totally broken and not to buy. Today we say, go right ahead. According to the game's developer, Ruffian Games, everything is all better now. It... read

Crackdown 2 DLC is broken, don't buy it

Sep 03
Ruffian Games has given players another reason not to play Crackdown 2 today, as its just-released DLC pack, the Toy Box add-on, seems to only take things away from the game. Namely, its ability to function. Ruffian has ... read

Crackdown 2's Toy Box DLC is out now!

Sep 02
 Crackdown 2 may have proven rather divisive with the critics and gamers alike, but that hasn't stopped Microsoft and Ruffian Games from releasing some new toys for those who enjoyed their second stint in Pacific Cit... read

Crackdown 2 to get Toy Box DLC, paid upgrade

Aug 23
Two new DLC bits are coming to Crackdown 2 to keep it fresh for you. It starts off with a freebie called the Toy Box. It includes lots of things to pull out and have fun with, like God Mode, Infinite Ammo, weapons, gadgets, t... read

Crackdown 2 paid DLC revealed

Jul 06
Crackdown 2 was released yesterday, and those who bothered to check out the game's Avatar Awards will have discovered that plans are already in place for premium DLC. This content will be required in order to unlock certain A... read

Gamers have been begging for a sequel to Crackdown for years. The original game, developed by Realtime Worlds, became a cult hit due to its surprising and empowering gameplay, not to mention the fact that it came packed with ... read feature

Crackdown 2 demo now harder than it was yesterday

Jul 02
By now, you should have already downloaded the Crackdown 2 demo if you have an Xbox 360. Agents, we need all of the help we can out there on the field. Agility orbs need to get collected, freaks need to get shot, zones need b... read

Crackdown Agent playable in Perfect Dark XBLA

Jul 02
Rare has announced that Perfect Dark XBLA will be hopping aboard the Crackdown train with a new playable character. Agent 4 will be available for free to anybody who has a Crackdown 2 save file on their 360's hard-drive. Pefe... read

Crackdown 2's licensed tracks, remixes revealed

Jul 01
While hopping around and collecting orbs in Crackdown 2, you'll be treated to the dulcet tones of Kevin Riepl's original score. But as Microsoft points out today, the game also features a handful of licensed tracks. The sound... read

So, I played Crackdown 2 this morning. I've been looking forward to this game since long before it was announced, and even though I've always known it'd be more of the same, I haven't once considered that a bad thing. Anyway,... read feature

Reminder: Crackdown 2 available for download now

Jun 21
The demo for Ruffian Games’ Crackdown 2 is now available to all on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Go download it now; you don’t even have to get up and go to your Xbox 360, you lazy fool -- just queue it up here. The demo... read

E3 10: Take a look at this sweet Crackdown 2 gameplay

Jun 17
Crackdown 2 might not have been a focal point of Microsoft's E3 keynote, but it's still on the show floor in playable form. Though the series has shifted developers from Realtime Worlds to Ruffian Games, all the things that ... read

Crackdown 2 is 'finished' which is nice

Jun 04
Crackdown 2 is officially finished, folks. Developer Ruffian Games has announced that the long awaited sequel has finally ended development and the game's ready to go. Those who are excited for the game (including yours truly... read

Here's why mutants are in Crackdown 2

Jun 01
Not that you really need to explain zombie/mutant/freak outbreaks in this day and age, but the inclusion of them in Crackdown 2 seems odd. Out of place? Not at all -- these monstrosities tend to mesh nicely with open-world g... read

Back when Crackdown launched back in 2007, many players' response to the title was to turn it on and go directly into the Halo 3 beta. However, once that was done, and players were left with a $60 disc, what was discovered wa... read feature

Crackdown 2 the latest game to get its own miniseries

May 21
Under normal circumstances, "Crackdown" and "miniseries" are two words that don't seem like a natural fit. Do you remember the story of the first game? It was a glorified Mega Man tale. I guess Ruffian Games and Microsoft wa... read

Fiddle with 2D barcodes to get the Crackdown 2 demo early

May 21
Viral marketing strikes again! In a double-shot of promotion, Microsoft is going to try and entice you to use their 2D barcode system by giving you a chance to access the Crackdown 2 demo early. They've set up a scavenger hun... read

Nothing is sacred in this new Crackdown 2 trailer

Apr 19
A brand new trailer has launched for Ruffian Games' anticipated sequel, Crackdown 2. The theme of the video is that nothing is sacred, and the amount of punted cars, swung bus shelters, and giant beach balls on display appea... read

Crackdown 2 features 'thousands' of on-screen enemies

Apr 14
Crackdown 2 is going to be big. If you have any doubt that the superhero fantasy conduit will be a meaty prospect, get a load of this -- Ruffian has promised that the sequel will feature "thousands" of enemies on the screen a... read

Crackdown 2 will not feature System Link

Apr 09
If you're one of the few people out there who, like me, really likes to play games over System Link, you are likely to be disappointed by this news. Crackdown 2 will not have the local networking feature. Speaking to MTV... read

No playable women in Crackdown 2 in order to save memory

Apr 01
Well this is a weird one. Talking to Ruffian Games creative director Billy Thomson at PAX East, 1UP got the skinny on why the Crackdown series has never featured playable female characters. Thomson, who was previously the lea... read

PAX East 10: Hands-on with Crackdown 2 multiplayer

Mar 28
"That game that comes with the Halo 3 beta" is getting a sequel, and like just about every game made to appease young adult males, it's got online competitive multiplayer. As we've learned this generation, that's not necessar... read

PAX East 10: Crackdown 2, mutants, and flying squirrels

Mar 26
Whoever was responsible for capturing the above image from Crackdown 2 deserves the rest of the day off. It really captures the joy of being a badass super agent who can miraculously glide through the air like few pictures be... read

Crackdown 2's Rocket Tag playable at PAX East

Mar 25
Apparently I am the guy who will be informing you of all exciting PAX East happenings -- what games will be playable, who's doing what panels, etc. -- even though I'm not going to the show. *shakes fist at Hamza* Ruffian Game... read

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