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Anonymous claims to have hacked PSN again (Update)

Aug 15
[Update: Adding to the arguments that some Anonymous scamp is pulling a fast one, the uploaded list of PSN secrets is apparently a list of random details first posted on March 29. Still waiting for word from Sony. Update #2: ... read

Although rage against SOPA has been bubbling for a long time, things didn't truly get real until recently. While GoDaddy has suffered for its long-running SOPA support, other companies are yet to face retribution, including ... read feature

New Destructoid Episode: Call of PSN: Modern Burgertime

May 09
Oh! Funny running into you here. Are you here for the sale on irregular sweatpants? No? Oh, well me neither. Heh. Welp, anyway... here's a special 48-page collector's edition of The Destructoid Show with exclusive chromium c... read

Anonymous am disappoint, accuses Sony of deflecting blame

May 09
Anonymous has released another statement concerning the PSN breach controversy, once again professing innocence in the face of negative press and Sony's own implications. The group has gone so far as to accuse Sony of overblo... read

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