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My guide to making a killer PC on the cheap

Nov 01
[Editor's note: WastelandTraveler wrote up a great guide at building yourself a awesome PC on the cheap. -- CTZ] [Note: I did not include mouse/keyboard or monitor. I'm taking into consideration that most people on here alrea... read

FNF Quake Live preparation guide part 1

Jun 22
[Editor's note: Have you heard yet? Friday Night Fights is evolving. We're going to have some new tournaments kicking off soon and the first game is going to be Quake Live (which is free to play!). dyslixec, in his infinite w... read

EVE: The Unforgiving - A Basic Understanding of CCP's Masterpiece

Apr 17
[dyslixec gives us a deep hard look at why you should be playing EVE Online. -- CTZ] EVE is the darkest, most unforgiving universe you will ever walk through. This isn't some world of alliance/horde characters running around ... read

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