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Bloggers Wanted: The Gift of Gaming

The Gift that Keeps on Giving
Dec 03
[This month's Dtoid Community Assignment is all about the idea of video games as a gift!] December is upon us. The Christmas season descends from the mountains to infect our hearts and minds like an airborne spore. It’s... read
Bloggers Wanted

Bloggers Wanted: Giving Thanks

What are you thankful for?
Nov 04
[This month's Dtoid Community Assignment is all about being thankful!] November is a great month. The weather is nicer. The leaves turn. Things slow down a bit in the waking world while we all gear up for the holidays. The on... read
Bloggers Wanted

Bloggers Wanted: Fangs for the memories

Give us your fear
Oct 05
[This month's Dtoid Community Assignment is in honor of my favorite holiday, Halloween!] October always makes me feel good. It starts cooling off. The nights feel richer and more clear. That awful tapioca pudding hellscape ca... read

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