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EuroNARP 3.5: The official recap

Mar 03
[Destructoid Europe, lead by mistic, had one of their giant parties a couple weeks ago in their infamous party location 'Teh Lair'. Read on for a recap of the weekend's events, and information on their upcoming party this su... read

EuroNARP3 vs The World event details!

Aug 14
[Update: The worldwide NARP is still going! Join other Dtoiders in Tiny Chat!] Every second is a second closer to the grand start of the third annual EuroNARP! Over the last few months, Dtoider Po0ky and I have been working ... read

EuroNARP3 challenges the Destructoid community!

May 09
Summer is approaching and with summer comes the next EuroNARP! Once again, we've planned an insane three day event for all you European Dtoid members! This year the event is made even more special because of three reasons.... read

EuroNARP 2: Get ready for teh madness!

Sep 02
The containers are ready, the consoles (all 35 of them) are ready, the TV's are almost ready (six are set up, HDTV is on the way, and a few more regular TV's are on the way as well. The living-room setups have been made (seat... read

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