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Die Mickey Mouse Die: Fight back in Los Disneys

Aug 16
// -D-
[I loved visiting Disneyland as a child. I still love it when I get to head out to the West Coast and visit Disneyland. So, I'm all for destroying Disney World, as I have absolutely no emotional attachment to it. While y...

Final Bioshock boxart ... love it or hate it?

Jun 06
// -D-
Here you have it: The final box art for the 360/PC versions of Bioshock. I have to say that I am very much disappointed. Anybody else getting a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers vibe from the Big Daddy's pose? The game is still going to melt my face, though. [Editor's note: Start the face melting with this new Bioshock video! -Niero] [via Kotaku]

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