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Blow those candles out! Rio's Mario RPG Bundt cake

Jun 25
[Editor's note: Rio McCarthy is amazing!!! She remade the cake boss from the greatest game ever and it looks delicious. I want to pull a Booster and eat it in one giant bite! -- CTZ] Ever since Super Mario RPG: Legend of the... read

E3 Impressions: My personal thoughts & the longest blog I've ever written

Jul 27
[E3 community blogging contest winner: Rio McCarthy takes a look at the games from each of the major three presentations and awards points to each one of them.] This post is going to be extremely long as there was a lot to w... read

A cast of thousands: Kefka

Jul 04
[Editor's note: Rio McCarthy kicks off July's Monthly Musing theme with Kefka from Final Fantasy III (VI). -- CTZ]Wow. There's just so much to say about Kefka Palazzo. Ever since I played Final Fantasy III (VI) for th... read

Happy Birthday Destructoid, and the Human Inside!

Mar 16
[Editor's note: I've asked several of our most talented community members to make something special for the Birthday/Anniversary super special. Expect several more C-Blogs throughout the day like this. -- CTZ] Ah, Destruc... read

Gamer Arts & Crafts : Cuppycake edition!

Feb 15
[Editor's note: Riomccarthy is a very talented artist. She loves to make hats (look at her past C-Blogs, Cosplay, and is a just all around awesome gal. Yesterday, she continued to prove how amazing she is by making all thes... read

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