Zuma Blitz coming to Facebook

I know I’ve said this a million times, but Zuma is one of my favorite casual games ever. It’s so approachable and easy, but can quickly ramp up to be very challenging. Plus, it’s a frog barfing marbles — you’ve gotta love that.

It’s not just me that loves Zuma. PopCap says that this puzzler is thier second best-selling franchise, with 20 million units sold worldwide. The series is about to make its Facebook debut with Zuma Blitz, an adaptation that has a bunch of social features added to the marble barfing fun.

Zuma Blitz is going to be evolved over time, but here’s what you can expect now:

  • leaderboards
  • tournaments
  • regularly added new levels
  • updates on friends’ performance in-game
  • virtual currency for in-game power-ups

As far as new features goes, there’s time extenders, score multipliers, and a “Hot Frog” speed mode.

I don’t love Facebook games, but it’s going to be hard for me to resist a social Zuma.

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