ZREO Project; bringing Link’s tunes to your iPod

4 Color Rebellion had a snippet up today about a new project that we think is the bee’s knees. The ZREO (Zelda REOrchestrated) Project is an ambitious undertaking that seeks to recreate the music from every Legend of Zelda title in an orchestral setting. While they may not eventually employ an actual orchestra, with today’s electronic instrumentation, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference anyway, unless you’re one of those people who claims to be able to hear the difference between 320kbps and 192kbps MP3s. Nerd.

This undertaking, if successful, could be the start of something (r)evolutionary in the world of gaming fandom. If there is a large enough demand for these musical releases (that game companies have been hesitant to market due to supposed lack of demand), you could see game soundtracks appearing as frequently as those released to coincide with movies. 

Imagine, if you will, you’ve spent the evening seducing a beautiful woman (I said imagine!), and she has agreed to come home with you. You enter your sparsely furnished apartment, remove her coat, place it gingerly on your cardboard box kitchen table, and escort her to the couch. She asks you for a glass of water, and as you dust off one of your 1992 Portland Trailblazers commemorative mugs, you turn your stereo on. As you walk back into the living room, you notice that your potential mate has stripped her clothes off, and as the triumphant Overworld theme plays in the background, the two of you spend the rest of the night “bombing the dodongo”.

Amoré, she is beautiful, no?

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