Zeno Clash only 800 MS Points on XBL this week

ACE Team’s weirdo first-person brawler/shooter Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition is getting discounted this week on Xbox Live Arcade. The title is down to 800 MS Points from its usual 1200, which means you’ll save 400 MS Points that you can spend on Avatar crap. Right?

Even at 1200 (roughly $15), Zeno Clash is worth its price. It’s such a strange little game, with plenty of single-player content, and some unique gameplay to back it up. Powered by Valve’s Source Engine, the game looks damned good, too — ACE Team crafted some of the most bizarre-yet-beautiful worlds I’ve seen in quite in any game.

The deal lasts until the end of the week, so act fast or forever be left wondering how your 360 Avatar would have looked in those awesome pants you could have bought.

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