YTMND Thursday: Your head smells like a puppy, edition

Welcome to another edition of YTMND Thursday. Any of them making you laugh like a maniacal manic? Or did I completely fail at making you laugh this week? Well then, how about this? Does that make up for it? Gosh, I hope so.

FASTER MARIO! (Mario World meets Jurassic Park — Thanks Qalamari)

Phoenix Wright takes on the OJ Simpson case. (Thanks Fronz)

The Legend of YTMND (This is one of the most clever YTMNDs I’ve seen this year — Thanks Heywood!)

The PS3 is hiding something … (Thanks Heywood!)

Duck Hunt for the Wii! Some people will probably want to do that to the dog instead I bet. (Thanks Heywood!) 

The reason Niero hired me

Wii byatch slapping

What the hell is Yoshi doing!?

All sew cocks  

AIDS, the game

Random Man Now Dog: We Didn’t Start this website. This YTMND is nuts. It’s a song inspired by YTMND and talks about all of the fads that have hit the site. Here are the lyrics

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