YTMND Thursday: We now return you to your normally scheduled program

After taking a small break last week, YTMND Thursday is back. This week’s selection is a little smaller than usual, but at least I’m not skipping a week again. The extra helping of Random Man Now Dogs should make up for the smaller selection of videogame-related YMTNDs.

My favorite this week is videogames in real life. It’s so damn well done. Thanks to Qalamari for the assist. What are your favorites this week? If you find any good YTMNDs, send them in to tips!

Also, we’ve been toying with a contest related to YTMNDs. We want to see Destructoid-related YTMNDs, but the thing is, I can only think of two people that would actually rock the contest (CannibalCalvin and Bleep). If we were to do a Destructoid-themed YTMND contest, would you enter? I want to see the response before we roll with a contest like this, so leave a comment on what you think of the idea.  

Random Man Now Dogs: Jessica Alba gets scarred. Jurassic Park, abridged. The future of our world.

Hamza Aziz