Your mom is in Rock Band 2

No, I’m serious with that headline: your mom is in Rock Band 2

Among the features of the game’s expanded Band World Tour Mode is the ability to hire staff as you gain fans by completing gigs. Your default roadie? Your mom, a Carol Brady-like figurehead who offers you support and, as the game puts it, a “200% boost in clean laundry and worried phone calls.”

As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to hire other staff members, all of which will offer you different bonuses depending on their function. The unpaid intern, Trevor “Brutal” Dent, hates your music, but will net your band more money per gig. Or you can hire a street team, Jason and Sarah Brau, huge fans who will promote your music and help you earn more fans. 

There are 14 different staff members you can hire, many of which I’ve yet to unlock, like the stylist (Jaime Divine), a documentarian (Cameron), or a publicist (Lurline B. Vermouth). Hey, if any of them don’t work out, there’s always mom, right?

Nick Chester