Your life could be weirder: Sega’s Wack-A-Doodle-Doo

As many of you know from reading my posts about all manner of odd imports, there are a lot of things that come from Japan that I would cut off a limb to get my hands on. Any country that makes beer-flavored candy has obviously got it going on. What you may not know about me, however, is that playing Japanese arcade machines is one of the things I lust after the most, if only to be able to say “That was one of the most perplexing experiences I have ever been through.”

Sega clearly aims to satisfy that need with Sega’s Wack-A-Doodle-Do, which seems kind of like playing Whack-A-Mole after taking a generous dose of LSD. As you attempt to bop the egg yolks, the chicken line up squawks, clucks and gobbles to encourage you in your quest for victory. UK Resistance has more pictures, each a little more weird and hilarious than the last.

Spending my Saturday night semi-drunk at the arcade, whacking plastic yolks and listening to chickens screeching? Why, throw in a Taiko No Tatsujin cabinet and it sounds like a dream date. Now all I need to do is get to Japan.

[Via Kotaku — Thanks, Brian]

Colette Bennett