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You should buy I MAED A GAM3 WITH ZOMBIES IN 1T!!!1


On the latest episode of RetroforceGO!, Dyson got to talking about a game on the Xbox Indie channel called I MAED A GAM3 WITH ZOMBIES IN 1T!!!1. Dyson praised the Hell out of the game so I decided I would go check it out. Like most things in my life however, I got distracted by something shiny and forgot all about it. Thankfully, Dtoider brotroller just discovered the game himself and posted about it over on his Community Blog.

I MAED A GAM3 WITH ZOMBIES IN 1T!!!1 is an Indie game with zombies in it. It’s a twin stick shooter where you have to kill a horde of endless amounts of zombies coming after you from every direction. It also has the best song track ever made. To the point that I’m going to call it this year’s “Still Alive” except, you know, that it’s good.*

Did I mention that I MAED A GAM3 WITH ZOMBIES IN 1T!!!1 is only a dollar? Yup, it’s pretty much a steal at that price.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer and to hear the fantastic theme song.

*To be fair, "Still Alive" is a good song. I just got sick of it after the second day Portal was out by the endless amount of people saying it was the best thing ever.

[Editor's note: Video now added after the jump!]

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