You really should look at these Batman: Arkham Asylum screenshots

I don’t think excitement around any videogame based on a comic book has ever been as high as it is for Batman: Arkham Asylum. Why? Because Batman: Arkham Asylum looks really, really freakin’ cool.

If the trailer moved too fast for your brain to process, maybe these screens will do it for you. To call this game “dark” is understatement, and I don’t think fans of the series could ask for anything more. It’s also interesting to note that everyone in this game (except the Joker) is ripped. It looks like everyone from Batman to Commissioner Gordon has been hitting the gym hard for the new year. Good for them. 

Personally, I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on this game to see if it plays as hot as it looks. Unfortunately, I just received word that Arkham Asylum will not be making an appearance at New York Comic Con this weekend. This makes me mad enough to hire Killer Croc to do … bad things. I don’t want to resort to that.

Nick Chester