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You can still get Fallout 4's Season Pass for $24 until March 1

2016-02-16 21:15:00  ยท  Dealzon@Dealzon

Before its price increase to $50

In a twist of sorts, those who bought the Fallout 4 "mystery" Season Pass early may actually have won out in a pricing sense.

Bethesda finally revealed more information on the three upcoming Fallout 4 DLC packs, and with it came a price increase announcement for the Season Pass, from $29.99 to $49.99. The saving grace is that the company isn't going to start charging more until March 1, 2016.

This means you can still get the Fallout 4 Season Pass for $24 from Green Man Gaming (and any other authorized retailer with a discount) until the month ends.

Update 3/1: GMG price is up, DLGamer still with a low price.

Given the eventual price difference, it was no surprise that Season Pass copies at GMG actually went "out of stock" earlier in the day as Fallout 4 fans picked up the discounted DLC bundle.

If you want potentially more savings, you can roll the dice and wait to see if GMG introduces a newer site-wide code with a bigger discount, as we've seen 22 to 23 percent off codes in recent months. Or, if you still haven't gotten Fallout 4 yet, this may be even more reason to wait for the eventual GOTY edition.

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