Yep, Serious Sam 3 is still being worked on

While 3D Realms may have recently bit the dust, Croteam wants to remind us all that Serious Sam 3 is still happening. In an update on the company’s Web site, we’re told that the gang is “pretty close in signing the publishing deal.”

As for the military game Croteam was working on, “development was halted some time ago by investors and publishers.” The developer was “doing a ‘work-for-hire’ development there, so after the game was put on hold, there was nothing more to do” and the studio “moved back to [its] projects.”

Croteam CEO Roman Ribaric goes on to say that “Obviously, the above also means that our next title won’t be published by Gamecock, as contrary to last year’s published press release by Gamecock.”

Here’s hoping we hear more about the next Serious Sam around E3 time, which is rapidly approaching. Even if we don’t, I’ll settle for some more details on any of the team’s other projects.

[Via -SD- on NeoGAF]

Jordan Devore
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