Yakuza 4 screens keep us hungry for the game

One part of me feels like I’ve cheated Destructoid readers and fellow Yakuza series fans by not writing up a preview of my experiences with Yakuza 4 lately. Wait, I think I did once. Here’s the deal, though: I’ve played it a few times now, but the fact of the matter is that nothing I write is going to increase or decrease the Yakuza fan’s desire for the game. Some of you have already played the Japanese release. And my hands-on experiences? They’re just mindless (but fun) brawling, and they go nowhere as far as game details and story goes.

We know all we need to know, right? We know that it’s coming out next spring, and we know that they didn’t cut any of the juicy bits out this time around. So we’re good, Sega. We’re good. Just continue what you’re doing and don’t worry about us, though we do appreciate these new screenshots.

The new screens show each of the four badasses you’ll be playing as in action. The last time I played I got to try all four extensively. Each of them fights in a completely different style. To me, that makes the new three much more interesting than Kiryu, though I did see a finisher from him that I never saw before. Have you ever unlocked his cigarette flicking finisher? It’s epic.

Dale North