XSEED launches the official Web site for Avalon Code, also trailer

Of course, the DS has its fair share of RPGs (and I am totally fine with that, no matter how many appear on the little handheld), but Avalon Code wins points with me simply because it was made by Matrix Software, who also made Alundra. I quite enjoyed that imperfect little game, so I am interested to hear more about what Avalon Code is all about.

Lucky for me, the newest trailer was also accompanied by the news that the official Web site for the game is now open. You can now read more about the story, check out some seriously adorable character art and even download wallpapers and icons. It comes out on March 3rd, so keep your eye out if you’re interested.

Are you maxed out on DS RPGs, or always looking forward to the next good one?

Colette Bennett