Xbox Live will be down for maintenance on the 29th, no Avatars yet

This coming Monday Xbox Live will be taken offline for maintenance in preparation for the fall update. The downtime will also affect the “My Xbox” section of Microsoft’s official page as well as toss the forums into read only mode. Yes, there will finally be a day on the Internet where people can’t debate if Master Chief could “totally take Kratos.”

Of course I’m kidding – there’s other bulletin boards for that. In his blog today, Major Nelson stressed that this downtime will not reflect any new changes. That means no Avatars, ability to download games, nor a hip new blade system. Those changes will be coming later this fall.

Considering that the reliable service has the possibility of being down for so long, I compiled a quick list of things I will do on the 29th. The first on my list will be to cheat as much as I can on the Fable 2 Pub Games while I can’t get prompted for an update. What will you do?

Brad BradNicholson