Xbox: gaming’s original ugly chub undergoes surgery, becomes sleek and sexy

VideoGamesNude shared a beautiful (and almost unbelievable) picture of a sleek, sexy, and small original Xbox modification, though no other details were given. A little research uncovered a thread by creator ghostavel on the Xbox-Scene forums, which gave details on this lovely mod.

Drawn in AutoCAD, cut with lazers, and encased in plexiglass, this lovely little Xbox (I never thought I’d say those words!) makes the original behemoth look silly and a bit wasteful in comparison. The “Xbox mini” system was made sans DVD drive, but an 80GB hard drive was added in its place. This looks like the ultimate homebrew/backup/emulation/media system, and I’m sure that I am not alone in saying that I would pay for one of these right now.

Bravo, Mr. ghostavel. Bravo.

Check out the full thread over at Xbox-Scene for more details and pictures. 

Dale North