Xbox continues to copy the N64: Introduces two new LE 360 controller colors

Microsoft will be releasing two new colored controllers for the Xbox 360 on September 30th. These limited edition wireless red and green controllers will come with rechargeable batteries plus the Play & Charge cable for $64.99.

I’m all for new color schemes, but what’s so special about red and green? If you’re going to have a limited edition color, why have them look like an everyday color? If the controllers were gold, platinum or multi-colored, then sure, I could understand them being limited edition. Otherwise, this should be a permanent type of deal. Well, at least you’re saving $5 with this controller as normal wireless controllers cost $50 and Play & Charge cables are $20.

Check out the red colored controller after the jump or check out the gallery for bigger sized pictures. So who’s going to be picking these up?

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