Xbox 360 Elite official; black is the new black? [UPDATE]

Stealing a cue from Johnny Cash, Microsoft has now officially dropped the Xbox 360 Elite, the much sexier, more experienced, black-clad older sister of that innocent, white console you’ve been smooching behind your parents’ backs. People have been clamoring over this thing since it was rumored only a few short weeks ago, and it seems the wait is finally nearing an end. There’s no official release date for it, and the details are nothing new, but it is nice to finally see a bit of official confirmation after these past few weeks of constant Internet tittering.

Was that sentence just a poorly planned excuse to use the word ‘tittering’? Probably.

[Mad hearts, stars, horseshoes and clovers (but not blue moons), to our friend Trafalio for sending this our way.]

[UPDATE: Yeah, yeah, so after being bludgeoned with links, I will admit that the official release date is April 29th. I’m doing it under protest though, as saying I was once wrong goes against everything America stands for. An eagle weeps tonight, ladies and gentlemen.] 

Earnest Cavalli
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