XBLA version of N+ is cheaper for one week only

Microsoft’s latest Deal of the Week is for Xbox LIVE Arcade title N+. Starting today, you can purchase the downloadable game for 560 Microsoft Points instead of the standard 800. Money is being saved here, but I can’t do the math. My degree wasn’t in “Moonbuck-tology.”

N+ was released on Xbox LIVE Arcade in February 2008. People seemed to like it: the game has an outstanding average on Metacritic and it won, like, mad awards. More importantly, I enjoyed the title. It’s a digestible platformer with wonderful controls, physics, and challenging puzzles.

Even though 560 Points doesn’t seem like real money (shocker) it totally is. So, how many of you plan to whip out the billfold for this? Or did you already buy N+ eight billion years ago?

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