XBLA double whammy: Gyruss and 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures

This Wednesday not one, but two new Xbox Live Arcade games will be released. It almost makes up for the XBLA game drought that occurred a few months back, doesn’t it?

Fans of the shoot-em-up genre will be pleased to know that the classic arcade game, Gyruss (400 Microsoft Points), has finally made its way to XBLA. But if you happen to be into the whole miniature golfing scene, 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures (800 Microsoft Points) is right up your alley.

For a more detailed look at both games, check out the press releases after the break.

Defend the Galaxy with “Gyruss” on Xbox LIVE Arcade 

Nearly a quarter century ago, gamers who wanted to travel throughout the galaxy needed only to plunk a few coins into an arcade machine. This week, gamers will be able to travel through space from the comfort of their own living room when “Gyruss,” the classic tube-shooter from Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. launches on Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360 beginning Wednesday, April 18 at 0900 GMT (2 a.m. PDT).

In “Gyruss,” gamers fly a space ship from Neptune to Earth while battling enemies, satellites, asteroids and laser beam generators. Along the way the player’s ship can be upgraded to better tackle the ever-increasing enemies that attack during the journey to Earth.

“Gyruss” will be available worldwide for 400 Microsoft Points and is rated “E” for Everyone.

Game Features

*Enhanced for Xbox LIVE Arcade – includes voice support, new graphics, digitally enhanced sound, and leaderboards

*Play the original game or an enhanced version which includes 3D rendered graphics

*Multiplayer gameplay over Xbox LIVE includes split-screen cooperative and versus modes

*23 levels to clear

*Earn up to 12 Achievements and 200 Gamerscore points

“3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures” Tees Up on Xbox LIVE Arcade 

Busting out the putter in ghost towns, outer space or at the carnival from the comfort of your couch has never been so much fun. “3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures” from Sierra Online will be available for download on Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360 beginning Wednesday, April 18 at 0900 GMT (2 a.m. PDT).

From the creators of the popular Xbox LIVE Arcade game “Assault Heroes,” Sierra Online delivers the ultimate mini-golf experience with clever mind-bending, imaginative courses and animated stylish 3-D characters. In “3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures,” gamers collect over-the-top power-ups and play through imaginative traps across three major theme courses including Classic Carnival, Old West and Outer Space.

“3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures” also includes a customizable course editor that allows gamers to build their own course design by mixing and matching combinations of tees, straights, corners, cups, junctions and ramps.

“3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures” will be available worldwide for 800 Microsoft Points and is rated “E for Everyone”.

Game Features

*36 challenging holes

*Up to four players may compete in multiplayer competitions over Xbox LIVE

*Earn up to 12 Achievements and 200 Gamerscore points

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