WTF, the sequel: Another Metal Gear codec surfaces

David Hayter, the voice actor for Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid series, once asked a very important question: “What the f**k is Destructoid?” After nearly four years in the business, we’re still not sure how to answer that. So, you can imagine people are still wondering. People such as Jennifer Hale, the voice actress for Naomi in the Metal Gear Solid games.

We have Community member Kauza to thank for above amazingness. Kauza sent us this video last night along with a message that made Chad cry like a little girl that just got hit by an airplane. “Seriously,” Kauza writes, “someone needs to figure out what the f*ck Destructoid is.”

“Anyway, just wanted to send this to you both as a sort of thank you,” he continues. “Stupid way to offer thanks, but still — you’ve both been instrumental in allowing me to end up doing a lot of really cool shit.

“Niero, just by maintaining a kickass community focused website where a guy can have an audience,” he says, “and Hamza, by being a really awesome community leader and a supporter of my blogs. So, here’s my silly way of saying thanks. But I mean the hell out of it when I say it: thanks. You’re f*cking awesome.”

Thanks, Kauza — you rock! Expect a full interview with Jennifer Hale from Kauza to appear on the site later this week.

Hamza Aziz