WTF is Irrational working on? Call ’em and guess!

What’s Irrational Games working on? What could those folks in Boston do to follow up BioShock? It’s been years — it’s gotta be awesome, right!?!

Well now the studio is toying with you, wanting you to guess what its next project is. The developer posted a message on NeoGAF, soliciting voice mail messages where people would take a stab in the dark as to what’s coming out of the studio next. Simply call 617-302-7805 and leave your guess, but “keep it clean,” because if it’s too naughty, they might not be able to use it on the inevitable episode of “Irrational Behavior” podcast or something.

What do we know about the next Irrational title? Not much. It’s not, presumably, a sequel; instead, word has it that it’s an original IP. Me, I have no idea what it is. Earlier this year, someone who had seen it expressed that their mind was blown, but wouldn’t go into details. I was hoping we’d see it at E3, but then that didn’t happen. Gamescom, maybe? Game Informer cover reveal?

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