World at War will NOT charge for level ups

Yesterday we reported that Call of Duty: World at War would offer multiplayer DLC at launch that would give paying customers a “Day 1 Advantage.” It was reported that this “advantage” would mean CoD going the Tales of Vesperia route by offering experience points for a price. According to Treyarch, that’s not actually true, although you can still get your hands on a multiplayer edge.

Despite the quotes that have been attributed to Activision, the game’s developer has clarified that there will not be any “Day 1” DLC:

Mentions about Day 1 content are actually a reference to what the marketing guys have been calling a “Day One Advantage” or a “Tactical Edge,” a program we have going with Gamestop. Users who pre-order Call of Duty World at War with Gamestop, or who buy the collector’s edition from them, will get immediate access to a high-level rifle (for pre-orders) or LMG (for collector’s edition) that other players will have to unlock via ranking up in multiplayer.

So there you go. Treyarch is calling the whole thing a “misunderstanding” and has assured us that little punk kids won’t be able to kick your arse just because they stole their mum’s credit card and gained a few levels. There will be no “Day 1 DLC” from Activision in this case. 

Of course not … they’re saving that for Day Two.

James Stephanie Sterling