Woolworths cutting British Xbox prices for Christmas

Microsoft has remained tight-lipped about a British Xbox 360 price cut, but there is at least one retail chain in the UK that will be flogging The ‘Soft’s machines cheap this Christmas. According to reports, high street store Woolworths will be reducing its 360s. How nice of them.

The Arcade SKU will be sold for £129.99 while the Premium model is to have an asking price of £169.99. The Elite will set you back by £229.99. Before the Woolworths price cut comes in, you can expect to find 360s for £159.99, £199.99 and £259.99 respectively.

It’s not yet clear whether this is part of a Microsoft-led scheme or if Woolworths is simply doing what MS so far hasn’t. All I will say is that I was in a Woolworths the other day and was shocked to find that its games have been pretty reduced, more so than in my local GameStation. Woolies is usually ridiculously expensive, so that was quite surprising. 

There was zero point to that little “revelation,” by the way.

James Stephanie Sterling