Wondering about Ignition and Samurai Showdown Sen?

Ha! No you weren’t! You know why it didn’t come out from them. But if you wanted something a bit more official, hear what publisher Ignition had to say about it:

“We never had an exclusive relationship with them [SNK Playmore], it was always on a per title basis,” says Shane Bettenhausen, Ignition’s New Business Development Director.

“We had previously announced Samurai Shodown for the 360. The decision to not publish it was a tough one, but partially stemmed from the online issues that plagued King of Fighters XII. We tried to avoid going through that again.”

As you probably know, the title was dropped by Ignition and later picked up by XSEED.

Why Ignition Dropped Samurai Shodown Sen [Siliconera]

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