Wolverine contest winners: you rock, Handsome Jack!

The Wolverine: Uncaged contest entries were kind of awesome — not to mention the hilarious internet drama that went down in the comments. I meant unleash your creativity as Wolverine, not your rage! Anyway, whatever. Excellent contest and the photos were great. In the end, we decided Handsome Jack was our top winner with an evil smile that could melt a villain on the spot — congratulations sir! One $200 GameStop giftcard and a copy of X Men Origins: Wolverine is on its way to you very soon.

Our other four copies of the game go to pmp9648, flaming burrito, Brandon Undead and Grisser (you can see all their winning entries in the gallery). Thanks to everyone for taking great photos and giving it a shot! I’d stay go on about how awesome you all are, but I have to go prepare today’s Twitter contest so I can give you guys more free sh*t!

Colette Bennett