Wolfenstein movie confirmed alive, Uwe Boll’s ears perk up

I remember a time when men were men, games were games, and movies were movies. Those days are long gone, and I guess there’s no stopping the Wolfenstein film that’s been in development hell for the past few years. 

Speaking with Eurogamer, id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead has confirmed that the film is still in development. According to Hollenshead, screenwriter Roger Avary is “working on the script right now,” obviously no referring to this very second — Avary could possibly be using the toilet, something which may or may not yield a better result than a film based on the classic first-person shooter. 

Hollenshead blames the recent writer’s strike for the slow-going development, also saying that he hasn’t yet see any of Avary’s work.

“There’s some contract provisions,” he told Eurogamer, “and if they don’t have certain hings done within a certain period of time they can’t just sit on the rights forever and not use them.”

This of course means that at some point, the Wolfenstein film rights could end up in the hands of a competent and experienced videogame-to-film director like Uwe Boll. One can only hope. 

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