Witness the death of Umbrella with this new trailer

Gamers begging for more of what they arbitrarily decide is “hardcore” content on the Wii need look no further than Capcom’s forthcoming first person on-rails zombie shooting extravaganza, Umbrella Chronicles, and IGN last night put up a brand new trailer for your all-seeing head balls to gawk at. Of course, since you’re part of the cool crowd, you can just watch the video above, right now. Watched it before you read this? Well, watch it again or something. 

The new video shows some more footage inside the notorious Umbrella mansion, a very brief shot of what is presumabley a Raccoon City street, and plenty of frenzied undead action. The opinions of the Dtoid staff appear to be very low when it comes to UC, but personally, I’m still very interested in seeing how the final product turns out. There’s certainly potential for greatness. Also, Wesker.

[Thanks to BlindsideDork] 

James Stephanie Sterling