Winter Wolves launches Kickstarter for new visual novel Save the World

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Probe the rich

Purveyor of (often romantic) visual novels, Winter Wolves, has launched a Kickstarter for their latest concoction, Save the World. They are seeking €4000 for the project, and… oh, they already met it. Good for them.

Save the World appears to be a yuri visual novel. The Kickstarter doesn’t explicitly say that, but all I see are women, and the two mentioned romantic options are both lesbian. It involves one such woman being abducted by aliens. Their leader, Xen, explains that they aren’t invaders, but rather they travel about saving worlds and asks for the protagonist, Ekiya’s, advice on what’s ailing Earth. Her response is about the unbalanced distribution of wealth, and the aliens follow through by simply eliminating a lot of rich people.

Boobs and eating the rich. I am captivated.

I find the narrative crux of Save the World to be quite interesting. It has you consider if, given the opportunity, you would use an alien race’s technological force to address the world’s problems. How far would you go? Would it even be worth it? Maybe the world’s problems are humanity’s alone to fix, or perhaps a drastic — possibly violent — course correction is the only way to save it.

Meanwhile, you also have the option to romance two of the characters. Because there’s no better way to unwind from a moral quandary than with a little grind and bump. Stretch goals include more CG scenes and extra outfits, some of which are sexy or completely explicit (another kind of sexy).

I’ve enjoyed a fair few of Winter Wolves’ previous visual novels, but with this sort of thing, it mostly comes down to the writer and artist.

Save the World’s Kickstarter is going on right now and will continue through to March 23, 2023. The development is expected to take one year, with Save the Earth becoming available on PC in March 2024.

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