Winner announcement: Etrian Odyssey II MEGA-Contest!

The moment is finally here: the results of our Etrian Odyssey II MEGA-Contest!

We here at Destructoid, along with the folks from Atlus, searched through the entries and it certainly wasn’t easy. But in the end, we all agreed on one thing: Evila rocked it. From her awesome illustrations to her compelling Etrian-related tale, she’s well deserving of this hardcore grand prize. Once again, drool over what she won:

Grand Prize winner:
One female protector figurine; one signed 3-disc soundtrack (signed by composer Yuzo Koshiro); one copy of rare preorder-only-in-japan piano arrangement soundtrack; one copy of orchestrated arrangement soundtrack; one signed copy of Etrian Odyssey II (signed by director Shigeo Komori)

Additionally, Evila will have her winning post promoted to Destructoid’s front page, which is a grand prize in and of itself. 

Destructoid and Atlus have also chosen runners-up, the results which can be found after the jump. (You’ll be contacted at the email address you used to register your Dtoid account; if that’s going to be a problem, please let us know in the comments.) 

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and to Atlus for providing the awesome Etrian Odyssey II prize packages!

Runners-up (Each win a copy of Etrian Odyssey II and the three-disc soundtrack):
Salty Soil

Second runners-up (Each win a copy of the three-disc soundtrack)
Jayson Napolitano
Ample Vigour

Honorable mentions (Each win an honorable mention)
Gen Eric Gui

Nick Chester