Win the sheepy comment game, win this Flock! collectible

Capcom just sent me this Flock! box in the mail. What’s inside the box? What secrets does it hold? I do not know. Perhaps no one knows. No one except for whomever designed the outside of the box and put the words “COLLECTOR’s ART PIECE, NOT A TOY” on the outside, anyway.

Pretty much clueless on what to do with this little piece of swag, I asked Niero what we should do to give it away. He replied as follows:

“How about a sheep-like commenting game?  Here’s how it works:  A person creates a comment.  The next person copies that person’s comment and adds another phrase.  And so it goes.  The 33rd successful sheep wins.  However!  If a sheep gets out of line and breaks the comment chain, it resets.  The contest ends when 33 sheep get it right.”

So, that’s what we’re doing. I’ll start with a statement, then the next commenter takes that statement and adds a word or phrase to it, and so on and so forth until the chain breaks (in which case we start over) or the 33rd link in the sheepy chain is reached (in which case that person gets the Flock! collectible). 

Here is my statement: 

“Sheep are…”

[Note: this phrase has since changed after the chain was initially broken. It has since changed to “She saw…”]

[Note to the note: oh, hell with it. Create your own small phrases once the initial chains get broken.]

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