Win free stuff: Revolution! A Civilization Revolution contest

Swag is awesome, especially when it’s free. Honestly, though, not all swag is cool, but the t-shirts and posters from the recent 2K title Civilization Revolution are actually swag I would be caught dead wearing outside of E3. I think you’ll agree with me when you see it, which may make you excited about our latest contest kindly sponsored by 2K — we’re giving away ten t-shirt/poster sets, and the top winner gets an exclusive poster signed by Sid Meier! (see gallery below)

All you have to do to get a shot at winning one of these swag packs is post a picture or a video of yourself in the comments that somehow represents the word revolution (if you do a video, just pop a link in your comment and a quick description of your video). Whether that means you burning a bra, picketing the lawn of a much-hated corporate headquarters or streaking at the Oscars, it’s up to you. It has to really be you in the pic/video though — no Photoshops, please!

The contest will run through August 1st and is open to all US, Canadian and UK residents, and as usual, please avoid NSFW images in your entries. All we ask is that you specify what shirt size you wear in your post after you throw in your picture or video link, as we have limited amounts. We do have a few girly tees, so don’t be afraid to enter if you are female — I was sporting one in the video above, as you can see. Good luck, Dtoid readers!

Colette Bennett