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Win Deus Ex QR mission prizes with help from Destructoid


Early last month, Square Enix launched an iOS application as part of a promotion for Deus Ex: Human Revolution with which gamers can scan QR codes hidden around the net and earn rewards for having found them. Each week, they have been releasing new codes into the wild and folks have been snapping up a variety of content from the game through the program and working towards the opportunity to win prizes, including the "Augmented Edition" of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Today, Destructoid is excited to exclusively reveal images of the other prizes players can win. Check out our gallery and you'll see the soon-to-be released themes for Xbox 360 and PS3 (seen above) which players can win if they're one of the first thousand folks to scan ten of the hidden QR tags. We also have images of the VTOL users will get for their PlayStation Home and Xbox Live avatars if a total of 100,000 tags are scanned before the game releases on August 23rd.

Oh, and we have an exclusive Destructoid QR code for the promotion hiding around here too. You're welcome. Scan it, add it to your collection and win those prizes! If you haven't been scanning codes (and live in the US or Canada), you can still grab the app for your camera-enabled iOS device and get started for yourself. 

QR Code

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