Win a Ford Mustang for playing the GRID demo!

Holy crap. Codemasters must be swimming in money! Recently they bought up Sega Racing Studios, and now they’re giving away cars?

We’ve been keeping our eye out for Codemaster’s Race Driver: GRID after seeing how amazing it looks. Now we’ll be keeping our eye out on our time trial lap times in the demo, as the best times have the chance to win a new Ford Mustang GT-R. The top 5 times (US only) will be whisked away to the GRID launch party in San Francisco to participate in “The eBay Motors Muscle Series Time Trial” to determine the winner of the eBay Motors Mustang. You’ll want to check out the Terms and Conditions first.

To get started, grab the demo now on Xbox Live or PSN. Then, select the San Francisco GP track and compete online to beat the world record lap time for the San Francisco eBay Motors Muscle Cup Track. Once you have beaten the world record lap time of the San Francisco eBay Motors Muscle Cup Track, select “Finish Time Trial” and follow the instructions. You’ll have to enter a code on Codemaster’s Web page to enter your time.

And to our UK buddies? Don’t be bummed that you can’t enter our contest; your contest is better! Your winner gets a BMW Series-3! 

Are you going to give it a try? Come back here and let us know how you’re doing. 

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