Win a copy of Overlord: Raising Hell for the PS3!

Hello Dtoid people! Once again, you now have the chance to scour the depths of your creativity in the hopes of getting some swag. This contest is based upon the ingenuity that was displayed by the comical minions featured in last year’s game, Overlord for the 360/PS3. The sequel, Overlord: Raising Hell, is currently available on shelves, but if you’re a PS3 owner and are desiring your very own copy, then you’re going to have to buckle down and put on your “minion hats,” if you will.

Minions – the Overlord’s dutiful servants in Overlord: Raising Hell are very resourceful in combat.  When players send them to attack a foe or to scavenge for items, the minions will take whatever they can get their hands on to make impromptu armor and helmets — be it from pumpkins, pots and pans, or even rat carcasses!  Now your site’s readers can display their ingenuity and “minion aptitude” to the world by coming up with their own stylish headgear! Five winners will receive a copy of Overlord: Raising Hell for the PS3.

So, to participate in this contest and win a copy of this game, all you have to do is grab whatever you can find around your house and come up with the most creative minion-esque headpiece that you can find. Like the minions in Overlord; creativity is key. Grab a cat, a mouse, or a cat in a mouse that’s in house that happens to be on top on a pumpkin pie, and place it on your head for all to see.

Post that picture in the comment section below to be entered into the contest, but be warned, there are only five copies available for the contest (there may also be a super secret prize for an above-and-beyond entry!!). And anyone trying to rock a robot helmet is automatically beaten by our mechanical leader’s already awesome chapeau — so try for something different. 

As I’ve been told, this contest is worldwide. It begins NOW, and goes until Sunday, July 13th at midnight (PST). Good luck, and remember to be creative! Dyson knows you have it in you.

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