Wii Sqweeze is designed to pump you up

If you thought it was going to end with funny tennis racket attachments or the Balance Board, think again Wii owners. InterAction Laboratories would love to introduce the Wii Sqweeze, an exercise peripheral designed to pump up those upper body muscles. At least, it possibly could. Thus far we only know that the device can interpret abduction and adduction movements. The unimportant details like pressure or validity must come later on in development. Wii Sqweeze is set to hit the streets in 2009.

When I see these things like the Wii Sqweeze I can only hope that no one takes it seriously. Wii Fitness and silly peripherals like this one will never provide anything close to the experience that real exercise provides. It seems like every company that develops for the Wii is in this happy dreamland where results are real and typical consumers will love your product regardless of what it is. Perhaps within the next few years we can have a fake chest press machine, so I can do five pound reps that correspond with a scuba diving mini-game.

[via Exergame Lab, Thanks Adam!]

Brad BradNicholson