Wii sales proving unstoppable

Despite a lack of killer software, the Wii is proving to be quite the piggy bank for Nintendo. According to the latest numbers, this little white console has sold more than 6.5 million units worldwide since its launch in late November. According to the latest numbers from Japan, the system is catching on rather fast — though not as fast as the PlayStation 2. From Next Gen:

The Nintendo Wii has now sold over 2 million Wii hardware units in Japan as of April 13, Famitsu publisher Enterbrain reported today. The Wii reached the milestone in about 19 weeks, not quite beating the speedy sales of the PlayStation 2, which sold the same amount in the 15 weeks after its launch. 

In all honesty, how long can this trend continue? At what point does a lack of real software catch up to the overall demand of just the console itself? Can the Wii survive on hope alone for the next year?

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