Wii finally using its USB capabilities?

With Nintendo loving to exploit every kind of add-on imaginable, it’s surprising that the Wii’s ability to utilize USB devices hasn’t been thoroughly pillaged yet. That looks set to change, however, as the company is advertising for new staff with experience in USB software:

CONTRACT – Software/Hardware Tester

Description of Duties

* Creating and executing a test plan for Wii’s USB devices
* Executing test plans with great attention to detail and documenting bugs
* Writing test procedure documents, gathering, and learning required software/hardware
* Reproducing bug reports and helping find work-arounds or resolutions

Summary of Requirements

* Extremely thorough with keen attention to detail and accuracy
* Able to execute scripted tasks lists with regular repetition
* Ability to reliably report and track defects via spreadsheets or other bug tracking software with great detail 

The optimistic among us have already taken this as a sign that external memory is on the way, but this is Nintendo we’re talking about, so it’s just as likely that Rob the Robot II: Rob Harder will be making a triumphant arrival soon. 

[Cheers, Brian]

James Stephanie Sterling