Wii Blaster available June 27th: PEW! PEW! PEW!

According to the latest GameStop flyer, the long awaited Wii Blaster will be available June 27th. What? You haven’t been waiting for this? Phooey on you, then. I know I have been waiting for this accessory since Wii came out.

See, one of my favorite genres of video games has always been of the light gun variety. Without a doubt, I’ve probably spent over hundreds and hundreds of dollars playing games such as Lethal Enforcers, Area 51, House of the Dead, and so on.

Sadly, light gun games have really fallen by the wayside these days, and with NAMCO only putting out one or two GunCon games per generation (if that), I really have nothing to look forward to.  But with the Wii Blaster coming out; the future of my six-shooting fantasies just got a little brighter.

Just think, with the Wii Blaster and the Virtual Console; I could be playing Virtua Cop 3, right now!

[Special thanks to Buck F1tches (who has apparently killed Joe Burling and stolen his identity) for the tip]