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Why Jet Grind Radio is the greatest videogame ever


And finally, the cream of the crop. THE EPIC BROFIST!

So there you have it, why Jet Grind Radio is the greatest game ever created. Hyperbole? Maybe so, but I'll be damned if it isn't my absolute favorite. The personality and uniqueness that this one game encompasses is unsurpassed in my mind. This game is the complete package.

I didn't even get into things like using the INTERNET with the game to upload and share sprays, or the specifics of the ludicrous plot that makes you scream "WTF, JAPAN?!" The game also allows you to collect dozens of pre-rendered sprays, appealing to the collectivist in all of us. I also didn't get into its problems, like the wonky-at-times camera or the odd/inconvenient placement of spray cans.

SEGA delivered the ultimate experience when it made Jet Grind Radio, and you really should get around to playing it. I do hope that one day it finds its way onto the current gen consoles if only to appeal to those who never got to play this gem of a game. It seems to be more of a "cult" classic because of its exclusivity on the Dreamcast, and it's quite a shame.

I hope you've enjoyed this, and thank you if you read the whole thing! I should get around to playing that sequel some day...
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