Who’s got the most to show at Tokyo?

We’ve got just over a month before the biggest gaming show of the year, the Tokyo Game Show, rears its almighty head and the time for more corporate pissing contests is upon us. If you want to embark on petty console point scoring, we have plenty of stat projections to show which platform has more on offer. These figures also break down which genres will be getting the most exposure.

Action games are going to be all over the floor this year with ninety titles, while the PC hogs the platform spotlight with ninety eight titles on show, beating out the DS by twenty. For those interested, the Xbox 360 will have two more titles to show than the PlayStation 3. Apparently only three racing games will be there. Here’s the full breakdown:


• Action: 90 titles
• RPG: 35 titles
• “Simulation”: 22 titles
• Sports: 20 titles
• Adventure: 14 titles
• Shooting: 11 titles
• Racing: 3 titles


• PC: 98 titles
• DS: 78 titles
• Cell phone: 76 titles
• Wii: 27 titles
• Xbox 360: 14 titles
• PSP: 13 titles
• PS3: 12 titles
• PS2: 8 titles

Will 80 of those 90 action games be a Dynasty Warriors title of some sort? We shall see, dear readers.

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