Who would be the worst gaming ghosts to live with?


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In honor of publisher Aksys’ freshly released spirit hunting visual novel, Spirit Hunter: NG, we thought it’d be fun to imagine what living with the apparitions of video game ghosts might be like. We’ve got a few key options below, but feel free to drop your own spoopy choices in the comments!

1. Otacon (Metal Gear Solid)

 Ghosts are often doomed to repeat traumatic incidents until they can find peace. Now imagine living with the spectral remnant of Otacon, stuffed in your closet. Each night, as you finally drift off to sleep, you hear an all-too familiar cry..... “SNAAAAAAAKKKEEEE!!!”

2. Luigi (Luigi’s Mansion)

 You might think that Luigi, being the expert (?) ghost hunter that he is, would actually make a superb haunted houseguest. But Luigi’s choice of weapon is a vacuum, and he doesn’t exactly seem like the kind of person to actually clean anything up. Maybe he can at least drown out the sound coming from your closet?

3. Link (The Legend of Zelda)

 Link is the kind of motherf*cker to walk into someone’s house and just start breaking shit. And that’s while he’s alive. One can only imagine what sort of an asshole Link would be given the opportunity to run amok from the ghost dimension.

4. Bad Boxart Mega Man (Mega Man)

 There’s no joke here. We would literally have to move if this dude was hovering over our bed every night.

5. Adoring Fan (Oblivion)

 Even with all of your magical powers, Daedric artifacts, and confiscated pillows, you couldn’t escape the immortal Adoring Fan. He’s like the creature from It Follows, if it never stopped talking and offered backrubs.

Those are our choices — what are yours?

About Spirit Hunter: NG: Face the nightmares you thought were merely urban legends. Spirit Hunter: NG is a visual novel in which players follow a young delinquent trapped in a life or death game while he searches for his missing little sister. As players explore back alleys and city outskirts, they engage in dialogue and action choices that affect the story's outcome. Some actions lead to instances of violence, with players using various items to defend themselves or attack enemy spirits. It has blood/gore, some partial nudity and sexual themes.

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