White PS3 comes to Japan October 21st

White PS3 slim? Yeah, we knew that was coming. Originally we thought these 320GB HDD versions of the console were coming July 29th, accompanied by a smaller version as well (160GB HDD), but according to Sony’s official website (Via Joystiq), the white bundle is now coming to Japan on October 21st. SEXY.

Priced at 34,980 yen ($410 U.S.), this version of the console has not been announced for North America, and in likelihood probably won’t be, which is a shame because I’d like to pet it suggestively and murmur sweet nothings. There’s also a new pink Dualshock controller, which is slated for a November 18th and will retail for 5,500 yen (About $86 U.S.). That’s one pricey controller!

There’s also two new PSP colorways coming down the line: a white and blue and a red and black God of War version. These will both go on sale on November 18th for 17,800 yen each ($208). Anyone thinking of importing any of these goodies?

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